Why can’t the Egyptian pyramids be crawled?

On this aqua blue planet, there are many beautiful buildings that are unforgettable and admirable. These buildings are either majestic or subtle, such as our majestic Great Wall and the Forbidden City. Of course, these strange buildings not only exist in China but also have amazing buildings abroad. As far as the Egyptian pyramids are concerned, this is an important landmark in Egypt. It was built 4,500 years ago and has become an extremely important tourist in Egypt. Attractions, if you go to Egypt without looking at the pyramids, it is not counted in Egypt.

What was the original intention of building the pyramid? It turned out that this was the mausoleum built by the ancient Egyptian kings at that time, which was similar to the Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum in China. Egypt has hundreds of pyramids, large and small, the largest Pyramid of Khufu, up to 146 meters! Let the tourists standing below have a feeling of wanting to climb the conquest. But why can’t the Egyptian pyramids crawl? Is it because of the superstition of the Egyptians? Pharaoh’s curse?


These superstitious claims are not true in the current era of scientific development. why? It turned out that the Egyptian pyramid was built 4,500 years ago. After so long winds and sun and rain, the architecture will be broken and sturdy. The big stones that piled up together began to have gaps. Some of the big stones that were thought to be sturdy are devastated by natural phenomena and become crumbling.

Both the Egyptians and the guides said that one of the reasons why the Egyptian pyramids could not climb is because of this. During the process of climbing, people may roll down the stones, and even some large stones can’t bear the weight because they are decaying for a long time. The consequences of that time will naturally not need to be said. And in order to protect the pyramid, visitors should consciously not damage the climb. After a courageous foreign tourist climbed the pyramid, he immediately said: “I am a little regretful,” because “it is easy to go downhill.” If you miss a hand, you will fall down and die on the spot!

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