Preparation before travel

First, go to the bookstore to buy the latest version of the local map, not a piece of paper, it is a provincial one. Then make a route, from north to south, or from east to west, without going back.

Second, refer to other people’s travel strategies, and develop their own economic and economical guidelines, such as booking cheap hotels, saving accommodation by train at night, and evading the ticket.


Third, pay attention to the preparation of the baggage, only with something that must be used, do not bring too much, so it is easy to attract attention. Clothes should be simple.

Fourth, respect the local customs of others, be kind to others, and be calm when things go wrong. It’s hard to say 100% good luck along the way. If you encounter something unsatisfactory, you should learn to face it with a tolerant attitude.

ID card or passport: If you don’t have a certificate, it is tantamount to a rogue, and you will have trouble at all times.

Cash and credit cards: cash should be matched with zero, otherwise it will suffer losses, and even get counterfeit notes. If you want to live in a hotel, be sure to bring a credit card so you can avoid plunging a lot of cash at the front desk.

Plane tickets or train tickets: If you forget to bring on your body, it is often too late to buy.


A small amount of drugs: a small amount of anti-inflammatory drugs, band-aid, wind oil, cold medicine, they are important items to ensure that tourism will not be abandoned in the middle. Here I add a little experience, that is, please bring a small piece of clean ginger, when you have acute enteritis, diarrhea and abdominal pain, take a small piece of ginger, just a few minutes, some OK. This is a successful experience that I personally tried again in the suburbs a few days ago. In fact, I hate eating ginger the most, but I also strongly recommend that I bring it with you.

A few pieces of chocolate: tourism areas are often unpredictable, once caught in a cold and humid, mountain winds, hunger and cold, the situation, a few pieces of chocolate is the pillar of persistence, I have experienced. It is best to prepare a few pieces of beef jerky, which will prolong the time to resist hunger and cheer up.

Compass: It is very easy to lose your sense of direction in the hilly area of the South . Coupled with the sparsely populated, you may never return home.

Watch or business communication,time is the key to ensure the smooth travel, business and text stars not only have time to have an alarm, but also a lot of content that helps travel. Some friends say that there are also watches on the mobile phone, so there is no need to bring a watch. I would say that if you only travel for two days, you can use your mobile phone to time. But for more than two days of travel, watching the watch in the phone is problematic and dangerous. On the one hand, the battery power of the mobile phone is limited, and repeatedly checking the time, it is necessary to waste power and shorten the standby time of the mobile phone. Usually it is not easy to find a place to charge at a tourist spot. In foreign countries, the power jack and voltage are not necessarily suitable. The mobile phone without electricity is waste. Not only can it not communicate with the outside world in a timely manner during the crisis, but even the time does not know. Is it not dangerous?

Mobile phone: Please remember to reserve an effective channel for contact with the outside world, is the last magic weapon in the dilemma. This is true even when traveling abroad. just now

The global mobile phone can guarantee global access. It is recommended not to use the mobile phone as a watch, because the most lost thing when traveling is the mobile phone. As long as you don’t need to talk, save it in the safest place. Before going to sleep at night, be sure to turn off your phone and save energy. In this way, a typical thick lithium battery can last for four days.

The map of the destination and the map of the journey: This is another key item to ensure smooth travel, this thing can not be considered heavy, does not occupy the land, bring it.

Flashlight: to the kind of waterproof, anti-squeeze, good light, electric flashlight durable flashlight, buy the best high-capacity battery (at least the 2nd battery). Don’t spare money, use old batteries.

The above ten items are things that you must bring when you usually travel. They can guarantee that you will be smooth and safe all the way. Of course, the conditions allow, especially for men, to bring some other items, such as multi-purpose knives, replacement shoes and clothing, drinks, rain gear, etc.

Travel tips

(1) Beware of liar: During the trip, you will encounter many social idlers, who will use the low price as a bait to attract tourists, but this is a deceptive means. For your rights and interests, it is recommended that you choose a travel agency that is legal, strong, and reputable.

(2) Train ticket: If you are travelling to and from the city, you can purchase a round-trip train ticket at one time.

(3) Air tickets: Collecting tickets for groups of 10 or more can get very low discounts for group tickets.

(4) Car: It is inevitable to use a car for travel. It is best to plan the car in advance. It is convenient to use a conditional charter. If you rent a 11-seater wagon, it is suitable to take 7-8 people and rent a car. The 22-seater wagon is suitable for 18-19 people, and the per cost is relatively low.

(5) Self-help tour: If you want to choose self-help tour, you can also let the travel agency help to make reservations and return flights and train tickets. When you arrive at your destination, it is best to have a local guide, or take a day trip or a two-day tour of the destination, because the attraction itself has many cultural connotations. If you don’t have a guide or a tour guide, you may not know it. Have fun.

(6) Rights protection: Before you participate in destination travel, first understand the travel itinerary and sign a travel contract so that your rights will be protected.


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