On the Advantages of News Communication in the New Media Era

With the development of the Internet and the emergence of the media, people have access to a wider range of news and more free access. The wide application of new media makes it possible for everyone to become a publisher and disseminator of news, and the authenticity of news is greatly challenged. The authenticity of news is the fundamental condition for the existence of new information and the life of news. Losing authenticity, news loses its meaning of existence and the value of communication. Analysis of the phenomenon of false news and misrepresentation in the context of the new media era is of great significance for maintaining the authenticity of the news.


  • Advantages of news communication in the new media era
  1. Diversified communication channels

In the era of new media, the integration of media is the main development direction of news communication. Mutual integration can achieve the advantages and disadvantages of different media and achieve a win-win situation under the impact of the new media era. With the development of the network, once news events occur, major news websites on the network will respond quickly, and relevant reports and dissemination will be carried out. In addition, the development of social media on the Internet and the wide application of the media, such as Weibo, We Chat, forums, etc., will also report on news events. Compared with the traditional communication channels, the communication channels of news information show a diversified development trend. The advent of the new media era has allowed previously isolated media to link interact and rely on each other. Let journalists be able to use their diverse news channels to develop their own news capabilities, quickly complete the dissemination of news facts, and interact and communicate with the audience in many ways.

  1. The uniqueness of news content

The rapid spread of the Internet and self-media has had a major impact on the dissemination of news information. The generation of new information is no longer limited to a few people. People gradually grasped the initiative of news communication, and the era of new media made the audience’s experience more and more attention and attention. Based on the characteristics of communication from the media and the network, everyone can become the publisher of the news. People can use the Internet to spread things happening around themselves or news events because the content is closely related to people’s lives and can easily resonate with people. For example, people spread the smog pollution of their own cities to the Internet, which quickly caused people’s corresponding and resonance in different cities.

  1. Audience interaction

The uniqueness of the content of the new media and the diversity of the means of communication has largely changed the habits and ways people receive information. New media can easily realize the interaction between audiences and media, audiences and audiences, which plays an important role in further promoting the dissemination and development of news events. The audience can express their opinions in the comment area of the news website, the message area of Weibo We Chat, and the exchange area of the forum, and can communicate and discuss with other audiences in real time. This advantage of new media makes news information spread more quickly and quickly and deepens the spread of news through interaction and exchange between audiences.

  1. The worldwide nature of news communication

The worldwide development of the Internet makes the whole world in common cyberspace. The sharing of news and information can be achieved through different networks among different countries, and the differences and differences in the concept of news communication between different regions can be reduced to some extent. Under the traditional mode of communication, due to the influence of objective factors such as geographical environment and cultural differences, the news exchange between countries has certain difficulties and obstacles. In the context of the new media era, the globalization of information has enabled the exchange of culture and communication among countries. As a result, the penetration and influence of news dissemination have also expanded, and the Internet has turned regional news information into worldwide news information.


Compared with social media, through the release of sensational, incomprehensible and powerful sentimental information to win the audience’s emotional resonance and identity recognition, the audience’s “station” behavior,traditional media should also empathize with the truth and authority, and use the truth to speak up to gather consensus and bring together public opinion. It should be said that objective news reports are no more difficult for the audience to accept that emotional reports, as long as the media understands the audience’s acceptance psychology and the macro public opinion environment. With the superposition of multiple facts, the audience can appreciate the weight of the emotional factors and values contained in it, so that the objective and true news reports can still be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people and reproduce the persuasive power of the past.

General Secretary Xi Jinping once emphasized at the party’s symposium on public opinion work that “authenticity is the life of news. It is necessary to describe facts according to facts, accurately report individual facts, and grasp and reflect the whole picture of events or things from a macro perspective.” The development of new media has brought unprecedented challenges to the realization of news authenticity, and it requires all journalists and the whole society to maintain it together. Adhere to the authenticity of the news, we must first improve the professional quality and professionalism of journalists, adhere to the professional ethics of journalism, and vigorously report and publicize information and news with social values; the regulatory authorities should strengthen the supervision of news, adopt modern science and technology, effectively monitor the release and dissemination of online news information, timely delete false information and false reports in the webpage, and maintain the stability of the online world. Vigorously promote the importance of the authenticity of the news, and impose enforcement measures on those who publish and disseminate false information. People must improve their ability to distinguish the authenticity of news, refuse to accept and disseminate false news, eliminate false news from the source, and cut off the means of transmission.

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