Let’s go travel together

Summer is coming here, the weather is hot and hard to stop, do you miss the vast expanse of the beach, the quiet and vast valley, and the clean and sweet spring water, the magnificent waterfall? Who said that summer isn’t a good time to travel, come on a summer trip, and cool down for your soul and body. This will prepare a good place for summer travel for everyone to see if there is any place to want to go.

  1. Lushan

Lushan Mountain, also known as “kuanglu”, is located in the Laoshan District of Jiujiang City in the north of Jiangxi Province, south of Jiujiang County and west of Xingzi County. Known as “Qi, Xiu, Danger, and Hero”, Dashan, Dajiang, and Dahu are all in one, and they are known as “the world of Qi Qixiu”. Lushan has a rich and splendid cultural connotation. It is a famous mountain that integrates scenery, culture, religion, education, and politics. Here is the cradle of Chinese landscape poetry. Throughout the ages, countless scholars have left more than 4,000 poems for it. Among them, Su Shi’s phrase “I don’t know the true face of the mountain, but only in this mountain” is the most famous.

  1. Sanya

Sanya, located at 18°C north latitude, is located at the southernmost tip of Hainan Island in China. It has the most fascinating scenery on earth. It is like the summer season and flowers are blooming. It is known as “Oriental Hawaii”. This is a place to export sunlight and air to the world, a city that melts people’s hearts with blue sea and blue sky. Sanya has fresh air and soft beaches that has been ravaged by countless cities. Take a leisurely walk on the beach, bathe in the evening with gentle sunshine, play at the beach, breathe in the rainforest, enjoy the natural wonders, everything is so enjoyable.

  1. Guilin

Guangxi Guilin is famous in the world, and it can represent the Chinese landscape paintings of Guilin. It is beautiful, even in the hot summer, it is not uncomfortable in Guilin. Take a bamboo raft on the Lijiang River and stay in the Bali Gallery. When you go to Guilin, you don’t have to go to the sights. If you have time, you can go around the corner of the city. You will find that beauty is the best. The Sun and Moon Twin Towers and Elephant Trunk Hill are very beautiful. The quaint Yangshuo West Street, “Guilin Shanshuijiaxiaxia” is well-deserved. Summer is really not willing to stay in the air-conditioned room, travel to Guilin, breathe natural oxygen, this is a very enjoyable thing.

  1. Gulangyu

It is said that yearning for Gulangyu is a feeling because it has its own temperament and pattern, and the collision between Chinese and Western culture is fascinating. They all said, “Walking on Gulangyu Island, step by step, walking around, and traveling around the world” is not a fake. Nearly 1,000 historical buildings on the island, the historical precipitation of centuries and the unique human resources make Gulangyu become a focus of attention. With less than 20,000 square kilometers of small islands, the unique attitude exudes vitality and vitality. The coastal climate makes Gulangyu the most comfortable place for summer tourism. The green trees on the island are very lush, the plants are flourishing, and different styles of small shops are located on the island. Take a walk and see, relax the tight brain, and go to Gulangyu in the summer. This is a good place to go!

  1. Jiuzhaigou

Jiuzhaigou, known as the “Fairy World”, is located in the town of Yuzha Town, Jiuzhaigou County, Aba Tibetan, and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, in the southern section of the Lushan Mountain Range in northwestern Sichuan Province. It is named after nine Tibetan villages, such as trees, lotus leaves, and Chayu. Jiuzhaigou has no cold in winter, cool in summer, and different scenery in the four seasons. It is famous for its six lakes, such as Cuihu, Die Waterfall, Cailin, Xuefeng, Tibetan Love and Blue Ice. The most famous here is the water, the watercolor of the orchids, the green, the clear as the mirror, the colorful and colorful, all year round, the day is changing endlessly, there is the saying that “Jiuzhai returns without seeing the water”.

  1. Qingdao

Located at the southern tip of the Shandong Peninsula, Qingdao is a unique coastal city with beautiful scenery and pleasant climate. It is also an important coastal city in eastern China. It is an important economic center city and port city in China, a national historical and cultural city and a scenic tourist destination. Qingdao Liwan, the soft sand beach, the coast twists and turns, the city with the sea, Hai Zengcheng color. Lushan, the mountain peaks and peaks, the air is far and wide, the ghosts are awesome. Eight large European-style buildings, chic, red-top stone walls, exquisite and exquisite, each with its own charm. Religious buildings have a unique charm. The Catholic Church in the urban area, the Taoist Temple in Lushan Mountain, and the Niang Temple in Zhushan Temple have different architectural styles, solemn atmosphere, and ethereal sacredness; Celebrities’ former residences are dense and intensive in China. The folk attractions are widely distributed, have a long tradition, a wide variety, and a profound cultural heritage. Historical relics and historical sites are scattered throughout the cities and districts of the jurisdiction, making Qingdao more ancient and dignified, quiet and elegant.

  1. Qinghai Lake

The Mongolian language of Qinghai Lake is “Kukunoor”, and the Tibetan language is “wrong cloth”, meaning blue lakes. It is located in the Qinghai Lake Basin in the northeast of Qinghai Province. It is the largest inland lake in China and the largest saltwater lake in China. Since Qinghai Lake is located on the plateau, in the hottest July and August, the average temperature during the day is only about 15 degrees. July-August is the most beautiful time in Qinghai Lake. Thousands of acres of rapeseed flowers bloom around the lake. The blue and blue of the blue sky are scattered with golden bright yellow. The wildflowers of the mountain pastures are colorful, such as silk, and countless cattle and sheep. The body is strong and dotted.

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