How do we write a press release?

  • What is the draft?

The original draft was originally a “patent” of some news agencies. After interviewing some important news, they will send them to the media of the country that need manuscripts in a unified manuscript. This is called a draft. Later, when many organizations or enterprises need to publish news at the time of organizing events, in order to unify the publicity, they will also write news releases to provide the necessary news media. The newsletter is basically written in the form of a manuscript that imitates the print media. It can be divided into message drafts and newsletters according to the basic form. Simply put, the two styles can be distinguished according to such criteria. In front of the main body of the news in the newspaper, there is a certain newspaper * month * daily news (message head) reporter someone, and then the new body is the news. It’s the article, and the news of the author’s name is mostly communication.

You don’t need to arrive at the news site to interview, you can also get to know the situation. For the media public relations manager, the news release should be prepared for more than two articles, at least one message, one newsletter. The message should include the entire process of the event. Communication is a supplement to the content of the message. It can be the background of the whole event organization, or it can be some tidbits or stories of people involved in the event.

To write a press release, you need to describe the event clearly in a language that is as concise as possible. In college, the press releases written by students are mostly reports of various events and conferences. How can I quickly write a press release?

  • Preparation before writing a press release: Understanding the 6 elements of news (5W+1H)

The six elements of news are character When, time Where, location Where, event what, reason Why, how to happen How. That is, “when and where did people do what happened for what reason, what happened?” In the process of writing a press release, it is necessary to pay attention to the six elements.

  • News structure and writing skills

The common way of writing news is “inverted pyramid”, which is carried out according to the value of news points. News generally consists of a title, a lead, a subject, and a conclusion. Title: The most important news facts (highest news value). Lead: A brief overview of the most important news Subject: Arranging materials according to the principle of decreasing importance (the principle of diminishing news value) Conclusion: Supplementary explanation of news facts.

  1. The title

The title summarizes the main thrust of the news in a refined language, requiring simplicity, vividness, and boldness. The so-called “a good half of the text”, write an attractive title, only have the opportunity to let more people look at the content. The title can use the double-line heading of “quote + topic”, such as: entering the new era to compete for the new youth million university generation plan to successfully start in our school; you can also directly use the “topic” single-line title, such as The 2018 “Campus Star” Awards Ceremony was held.

  1. Lead

The lead is the most important part of the news, and the most important and freshest facts are placed in the lead. The lead is to explain the reason, time, place, and character of the incident in one sentence. The writing of the lead can be taken straight to the point. For example, on the evening of January 16, the school’s 2018 Campus Star Awards Ceremony was held in the gymnasium. School Party Committee Secretary **, Principal **, Deputy Secretary **, all middle-level cadres, some teachers and students representatives and parents of award-winning students attended the awards ceremony. The writing of the lead can also reflect the main content of the news by grasping one side, such as: “I want to exercise my ability, it is not important to take the prize, as a college student, participate in actual combat, learn more experience in practice. The classmates from the business administration major of our school spoke out the words of the students who participated in the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition.

  1. Main body

The main body is to explain the facts of the news and to concretize the facts outlined in the lead. A detailed description of what is done, explains how and why. Taking the news of events or conferences as an example, the main part mainly involves the process of leading speeches and activities. The first part of the main body, refining the main speech of the leading speech and the guest speech, pay attention to the high-ranking guest speech in front of the school leadership. When writing the leadership speech, the order of the school leaders and guests should be determined according to the actual situation. The second part of the topic, clarifying the procedures of the meeting or event, supplements the first part of the news facts. The main body should pay attention to refining the most effective details, and should not take time to make the main axis of the article, and remember to use the water account to “snap.”

  1. Conclusion

The conclusion is mainly to explain the background, influence or meaning of the news facts. For example, the excellent deeds and outstanding achievements of “School Star” fully demonstrate the valuable qualities of Chengxin students pursuing their ideas and pursuing progress, and interpreting the youthful responsibility of “love, responsibility and action” with practical actions. Since 2008, the school has held an award ceremony every year to recognize the “Youth Model” characters. The conclusion is a supplementary explanation of the main news event, or you can’t write the conclusion.

  • Pay attention to the newsletter: fresh, live, short and accurate

The same news fact, choosing a different angle to report will have different effects. For example, if the school has a fixed annual activity, if you only report the activity itself, instead of choosing a new perspective as an entry point, and giving readers new information, it will lose the freshness of the news. Be good at observing and thinking, find a new perspective to observe people, things, problems, start from one side, and write a fresh sense in a short language. This is the ability to quickly write a press release that must be exercised.

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