How do we improve the authenticity of the news?

With the development of the economy and the improvement of living standards, the demand for information has gradually increased. The emergence of network technology has led to an increasing number of forms of information and channels of communication. People are often misled by false information. The authenticity of the news is the first life of the news, and it is also the principle that must be observed in the reporting and dissemination of news information. Only real news information and objective reporting of events can effectively guide people’s work and life and study. The faster the network spreads, the more likely the false news and false reports on the Internet are, which seriously affects people’s perception and judgment of the facts of the event. Sometimes it even causes people’s panic and causes great harm to the stability of society.

  • False news generation and reasons for existence

Due to the fast speed and wide range of Weibo, We Chat, etc. from the media, everyone can become the publisher and disseminator of false news. At present, due to insufficient supervision and imperfect punishment mechanisms, as well as people’s lack of awareness, etc., the phenomenon of fraud has occurred frequently, which has brought great challenges to maintaining the authenticity of the news. In addition, the popularity of the Internet has also provided a corresponding environment and way for the publication and dissemination of false news. Once false news is widely forwarded and spread on the Internet, it is like rolling snowballs, which has an irreversible and serious consequence on people’s cognition and judgment of events. At present, there are also individual journalists who do not abide by the professional ethics of journalism and professional ethics. They not only fail to take up the social responsibility of publishing and disseminating real news but even use the virtuality and occultism of the Internet. They actively create fictional and false news and promote the release and dissemination of false news.

  1. Lack of expertise

The formation of some false news is entirely due to the fact that news reporters are not well aware of the relevant professions. Interlaced like a mountain, journalists are often vulnerable to professional restrictions when collecting more professional news information. The collection of news information is inaccurate, the professionalism of news is not enough, there is no deeper understanding and inquiry of information resources, and there is no consultation and study with relevant personnel in the professional field. I only saw the most obvious meaning in the information, did not dig deeper, and had a half-baked understanding of the content of the information. I wrote and wrote it out with the information and information that I took for granted. The news produced in this way can easily become false news because of a lack of professional knowledge.

  1. Investigate false

Some journalists have a weak sense of responsibility in their work. They are often absent-minded and sloppy in news writing. In the absence of a field investigation or investigation, the news information is copied directly from the Internet and released, causing false news. Some journalists have insufficient professional quality, the methods of news investigation are not accurate, and they do not grasp the direction of interview investigation. They have not conducted an in-depth excavation of news facts. This is often easy to leave behind the details of the truth, and the news and the truth of the report are very different.

  1. Anonymity and insufficient check

One of the biggest features of the Internet is its anonymity, which allows netizens to freely post their own opinions on the Internet without having to bear the consequences. This creates convenient conditions and environment for the publication and dissemination of false information and poses greater challenges to the supervision of information supervision departments. The Internet has made the role of “gatekeepers” in news reports weaker, losing the basic grasp of the truth of the news, leading to the emergence of false reports and false news.

  • Specific measures to maintain the authenticity of the news

The emergence of false news has disrupted the order of the news, causing the public to lose the original respect and trust in the press, and has also adversely affected the development of society. Therefore, resisting false reports and maintaining the authenticity of news have received more and more attention and attention from all walks of life.

  1. Improve the professionalism of journalists

Journalists are the main body of news reporting and the true practitioner of news authenticity. To effectively safeguard the authenticity of the news, we must fundamentally improve the professionalism and professional ethics of journalists, adhere to professional ethics, and never forget the social responsibilities of journalists. When the public publishes and disseminates some information on the Internet, it must make basic and false identification of news information, and resolutely refuse to publish and forward false and false reports.

  1. Conduct in-depth investigations and verification

In the investigation of news, journalists should be close to life, close to reality, close to the people, conduct in-depth investigations, understand the beginning and end of news events, and strive to obtain the most authentic real information of news scenes and news facts to ensure the authenticity of news information. For some hot topics and hot news in the network, journalists should keep their minds clear, use keen news sensitivity and professional knowledge to judge the authenticity of news, and use various channels and resources for verification and verification. In the news reports of emergencies, we must maintain a calm mindset, not be impatient, not blindly obeying, from the perspective of professional news investigation, to clarify the truth and ensure the authenticity of the news.

  1. Formulate rules and regulations and strengthen network supervision

At present, because the network monitoring system is not particularly sound, the regulatory authorities have no predictive and preventive ability for false news. After-the-fact processing can only be carried out after the appearance of false news. The lag of such monitoring and processing also poses certain difficulties in maintaining the authenticity of the news. Therefore, we must use scientific means to increase the supervision of the network, seriously deal with and punish the illegal elements who manufacture, publish, disseminate and forward false news, and create a good communication environment for authentic news.

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