Four steps to do a good job interview

The interview is a compulsory course for every radio and television news practitioner. If the reporter is the “soul” of radio and television news reports, the interview is the most important way for the existence and expression of this soul. Therefore, understanding the importance of interviews and constantly improving their interview skills is a lifelong issue for every journalist. So, what are the key points to grasp in the news interview?

First, the preparatory work for the interview should be sufficient

In the actual situation, because the scene environment and interviewees of news interviews have potential uncertainties, in order to ensure the integrity and effectiveness of news interviews, journalists should do a good job of preparing for interviews. In particular, it is necessary to pre-judgment and evaluate possible problems and unexpected situations in the interview and formulate a response plan so that it can be calm even in the event of an emergency.

First, journalists should be familiar with the interview venue in advance and fully understand the surrounding environment, which will help journalists to enter the interview status more quickly. Second, journalists and staff should check the camera equipment to ensure that the camera equipment can Normal use; third, journalists should fully understand the interviewee’s information, background, preferences, personality, etc., and lay a solid foundation for the interview work.

Second, the interview should be deep, the clue should be valuable

The quality of radio and television news interviews is largely influenced by news materials, and the quality of news materials is not only related to the reporter’s prior interview preparation work but also related to the professionalism reflected by journalists during the interview process. This requires journalists to continuously improve their business capabilities and comprehensive quality, and be good at finding valuable news clues from the interview environment and interviewees. In the course of the interview, the journalist could not “leave” any small details of the interviewee, and insisted on observing and thinking more.

On the one hand, it is necessary to start from the interviewees, constantly inspire the interviewees’ willingness to talk, avoid the low-level mistakes such as unsatisfactory words in the interviews, and the embarrassing situation of falling into the cold. On the other hand, we must grasp the center of the news interview content, news. Interviews should be organized around the center, and the interview content can be properly circulated, but they cannot deviate from the interview center. At the same time, the emergencies that occur during the interview process should be handled in accordance with the prepared emergency plan, and the radio and television news interviews should be carried out in front of many audiences.

Third, the way to interview should be appropriate

Different from other research activities, news interviews are surveyed activities that face-to-face communication between people, and obtain effective news clues by asking questions from interviewees. Therefore, in radio and television news interviews, journalists should pay attention to the use of effective questioning methods and interview methods.

In the interview process, the interview targets are established according to the information collected by the interviewees in advance, and reasonable, scientific and appropriate interview methods are used to analyze the specific problems and grasp the central factors of the interview questions. For example, some interviewees are male, and the way of asking questions can be relatively simple and straightforward; some interviewees are introverted, and journalists can use smiles and encouragement to guide interviewees to answer questions. In the process of news interviews, in order to more effectively tap the deeper information of the news, journalists can use the method of side-clicking on the premise of not damaging the atmosphere of the interview and make targeted questions to adapt to the interview environment and constantly adjust the rhythm of the interview.

In most cases, journalists and interviewees start interviewing as strangers. Some interviewees may be facing the camera for the first time. It is inevitable that there will be shyness and nervousness, or face sensitive issues. I will consciously avoid it and have reservations when answering questions. Journalists should pay attention to creating a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere at the beginning of the interview. For example, with the humorous opening remarks and hot topics, the interviewees will be opened to let them actively communicate and communicate, thus improving the quality of news interviews.

Fourth, “finish” to be better

After completing the news interview, the journalist should sort out the acquired news materials according to the interview target, and plan which materials are in front and which materials are behind. For the key content of news interviews, it is necessary to enlarge the length and highlight the theme of news interviews. Of course, another important part of the “finish” is the editing. When there is a gap between the content of the news interview video and the interview target, the journalist needs to edit the content. What needs to be noted here is that the content of the interview object should be properly edited, and the situation of out of context should not be taken out, so as to avoid the news interview being defeated.

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