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Preparation before travel

First, go to the bookstore to buy the latest version of the local map, not a piece of paper, it is a provincial one. Then make a route, from north to south, or from east to west, without going back.

Second, refer to other people’s travel strategies, and develop their own economic and economical guidelines, such as booking cheap hotels, saving accommodation by train at night, and evading the ticket. read more

How to treat news reports in Europe and America

The news in Europe and the United States is very varied. If you believe in it, it is estimated that people will be mad. Why is this happening? How should we treat these news reports?

First, you have to have a few common sense:
First, the news media in Europe and the United States are free to report, not subject to government or political party control and constraints, and what news can attract people and expand subscribers.
Second, Europe and the United States have serious and rigorous and credible news media, as well as gossip and untrustworthy news media. “Dog bites are not news, people bite dogs is news” is the original editorial director of the “New York Sun”, John Bogart said, this is the purpose of the European and American gossip newspapers. The New York Sun and the British Sun are typical gossip newspapers. Serious and rigorous newspapers do not use this as a principle.
Third, the same issue will have different interpretations. The media will make its own interpretations based on its own political position, value orientation, and audience.
Understand this common sense, you know that the most important thing when looking at US news reports is identification.
This is very boring and boring, and it is not easy for everyone to understand. Let’s take a few examples.
A few years ago, the news media reported that Foxconn was a blood and tear factory. This accusation is very strict and the consequences are very serious. If it is really identified as a blood and tear factory, European and American companies will not dare to cooperate and trade with Foxconn in any form. Foxconn will also face relevant laws.
Foxconn sued the media for this and saved the reputation of the company.
Afterward, they learned from the media that they were getting news from a British newspaper, and this newspaper was a gossip newspaper.
The report of “21st Century Business Herald” triggered heated discussion in the international media. The “New York Times” of the United States specifically reported on the truth of the incident.
For another example, the US military invaded Iraq. The scenes of Bai Zuo Media are all the ruins of the rotten, the poor people, the revenge of the terrorists, etc., accusing the US invasion of bringing disaster to Iraq. In the lens of the White Right Media, the Iraqi people smiled and welcomed the US military, the US military, and the Iraqi children to play and play. They were happy and eloquent, praising the peace and light that the US military invaded brought to Iraq.
For example, when Trump and Mrs. Clinton campaigned, the American media fell to support Mrs. Clinton and thought she won. After the election of Trump, the Democratic Party-led “TongRumen” investigation was also widely supported by the media. He did not hesitate to create fake news to discredit Trump. As a result, Trump was elected, and the independent prosecutor’s “TongRumen” investigation also confirmed Trump’s clean.
Without discrimination, blindly following the European and American media, blindly choose the news that suits your needs to play, it is to fool others, and finally, they will make jokes.
See what the US military has brought to Iraq. It depends on whether the Iraqi economy and society are progressing or regressing compared with the past.
Seeing whether Trump has lost the trust of Americans depends on Trump’s achievements and the people’s support for him. Just watching the media’s report on Trump will make this guy so bad that the American people will be stupid enough to make a bad guy a president and have always supported this bad guy?
Recently, Brexit has become the focus of media attention. There are millions of people demonstrating against Brexit and demanding a second referendum. Experts have begun to obscenity.
There are many problems in the Brexit, and there are many difficulties. But things are not over yet. Whether Mei Lan can win a vote in the House of Commons and whether the House of Commons can come up with a new Brexit plan is unknown.
There are more than 6,300 people in the UK. What can be explained by the demonstration of 1 million people? The referendum is not a child’s play. Britain will never hold a second referendum. The worst result is that Mei Lan resigns, or advances in general elections. In any case, the Conservative Party-led Brexit will be realized.
In fact, the European and American media are very strange to us. There are almost no conditions for identification. I just want to tell you that when you encounter such news, you should be too easy to be fooled. read more

Four steps to do a good job interview

The interview is a compulsory course for every radio and television news practitioner. If the reporter is the “soul” of radio and television news reports, the interview is the most important way for the existence and expression of this soul. Therefore, understanding the importance of interviews and constantly improving their interview skills is a lifelong issue for every journalist. So, what are the key points to grasp in the news interview? read more

The travel tips in Winter

Nowadays, winter tourism is becoming fashionable. However, if you do not pay attention to the changes in the weather during the journey, especially the impact of cold weather on the human body, you may be affected by certain diseases. Among the tourists, some are from the south to the north, some outdoor activities are more, and some are old and infirm, these people especially need cold and antifreeze. read more

Why can’t the Egyptian pyramids be crawled?

On this aqua blue planet, there are many beautiful buildings that are unforgettable and admirable. These buildings are either majestic or subtle, such as our majestic Great Wall and the Forbidden City. Of course, these strange buildings not only exist in China but also have amazing buildings abroad. As far as the Egyptian pyramids are concerned, this is an important landmark in Egypt. It was built 4,500 years ago and has become an extremely important tourist in Egypt. Attractions, if you go to Egypt without looking at the pyramids, it is not counted in Egypt. read more

How do we improve the authenticity of the news?

With the development of the economy and the improvement of living standards, the demand for information has gradually increased. The emergence of network technology has led to an increasing number of forms of information and channels of communication. People are often misled by false information. The authenticity of the news is the first life of the news, and it is also the principle that must be observed in the reporting and dissemination of news information. Only real news information and objective reporting of events can effectively guide people’s work and life and study. The faster the network spreads, the more likely the false news and false reports on the Internet are, which seriously affects people’s perception and judgment of the facts of the event. Sometimes it even causes people’s panic and causes great harm to the stability of society. read more

On the Advantages of News Communication in the New Media Era

With the development of the Internet and the emergence of the media, people have access to a wider range of news and more free access. The wide application of new media makes it possible for everyone to become a publisher and disseminator of news, and the authenticity of news is greatly challenged. The authenticity of news is the fundamental condition for the existence of new information and the life of news. Losing authenticity, news loses its meaning of existence and the value of communication. Analysis of the phenomenon of false news and misrepresentation in the context of the new media era is of great significance for maintaining the authenticity of the news. read more

How do we write a press release?

  • What is the draft?

The original draft was originally a “patent” of some news agencies. After interviewing some important news, they will send them to the media of the country that need manuscripts in a unified manuscript. This is called a draft. Later, when many organizations or enterprises need to publish news at the time of organizing events, in order to unify the publicity, they will also write news releases to provide the necessary news media. The newsletter is basically written in the form of a manuscript that imitates the print media. It can be divided into message drafts and newsletters according to the basic form. Simply put, the two styles can be distinguished according to such criteria. In front of the main body of the news in the newspaper, there is a certain newspaper * month * daily news (message head) reporter someone, and then the new body is the news. It’s the article, and the news of the author’s name is mostly communication. read more

What should we prepare before traveling?

As people’s living standards improve, transportation is also convenient, and now people can come and go for a trip. So in order for our journey to be enjoyable, we must be fully prepared before we travel. It’s exciting to go to a place to live on vacation. You may already be thinking about all the places and people you will see in the next few days of your trip. But before you start daydreaming, are you ready for everything you need before you board the plane? read more

Let’s go travel together

Summer is coming here, the weather is hot and hard to stop, do you miss the vast expanse of the beach, the quiet and vast valley, and the clean and sweet spring water, the magnificent waterfall? Who said that summer isn’t a good time to travel, come on a summer trip, and cool down for your soul and body. This will prepare a good place for summer travel for everyone to see if there is any place to want to go. read more