Month: March 2019

Four steps to do a good job interview

The interview is a compulsory course for every radio and television news practitioner. If the reporter is the “soul” of radio and television news reports, the interview is the most important way for the existence and expression of this soul. Therefore, understanding the importance of interviews and constantly improving their interview skills is a lifelong issue for every journalist. So, what are the key points to grasp in the news interview? read more

The travel tips in Winter

Nowadays, winter tourism is becoming fashionable. However, if you do not pay attention to the changes in the weather during the journey, especially the impact of cold weather on the human body, you may be affected by certain diseases. Among the tourists, some are from the south to the north, some outdoor activities are more, and some are old and infirm, these people especially need cold and antifreeze. read more

Why can’t the Egyptian pyramids be crawled?

On this aqua blue planet, there are many beautiful buildings that are unforgettable and admirable. These buildings are either majestic or subtle, such as our majestic Great Wall and the Forbidden City. Of course, these strange buildings not only exist in China but also have amazing buildings abroad. As far as the Egyptian pyramids are concerned, this is an important landmark in Egypt. It was built 4,500 years ago and has become an extremely important tourist in Egypt. Attractions, if you go to Egypt without looking at the pyramids, it is not counted in Egypt. read more