Month: January 2019

How do we improve the authenticity of the news?

With the development of the economy and the improvement of living standards, the demand for information has gradually increased. The emergence of network technology has led to an increasing number of forms of information and channels of communication. People are often misled by false information. The authenticity of the news is the first life of the news, and it is also the principle that must be observed in the reporting and dissemination of news information. Only real news information and objective reporting of events can effectively guide people’s work and life and study. The faster the network spreads, the more likely the false news and false reports on the Internet are, which seriously affects people’s perception and judgment of the facts of the event. Sometimes it even causes people’s panic and causes great harm to the stability of society. read more

On the Advantages of News Communication in the New Media Era

With the development of the Internet and the emergence of the media, people have access to a wider range of news and more free access. The wide application of new media makes it possible for everyone to become a publisher and disseminator of news, and the authenticity of news is greatly challenged. The authenticity of news is the fundamental condition for the existence of new information and the life of news. Losing authenticity, news loses its meaning of existence and the value of communication. Analysis of the phenomenon of false news and misrepresentation in the context of the new media era is of great significance for maintaining the authenticity of the news. read more

How do we write a press release?

  • What is the draft?

The original draft was originally a “patent” of some news agencies. After interviewing some important news, they will send them to the media of the country that need manuscripts in a unified manuscript. This is called a draft. Later, when many organizations or enterprises need to publish news at the time of organizing events, in order to unify the publicity, they will also write news releases to provide the necessary news media. The newsletter is basically written in the form of a manuscript that imitates the print media. It can be divided into message drafts and newsletters according to the basic form. Simply put, the two styles can be distinguished according to such criteria. In front of the main body of the news in the newspaper, there is a certain newspaper * month * daily news (message head) reporter someone, and then the new body is the news. It’s the article, and the news of the author’s name is mostly communication. read more